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Tagungen/Konferenzen: That Other Crowd: Nethergods in the ancient Greek mythical imagination


04.09.2017 bis 07.09.2017


Room 003, Institut für Assyriologie und Hethitologie, Schellingstr. 5


Dr. Maciej Paprocki , Dr. Ellie Mackin (University of Leicester/ICS, UK), Gary Vos, MA (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Informationen zur Veranstaltung

International conference organized by Dr. Maciej Paprocki, Dr. Ellie Mackin and Gary Vos, MA, sponsored by the Graduate School Distant Worlds. The conference will take place at the Institut für Assyriologie und Hethitologie (Schellingstr. 5).

The central aim of this conference is to explore the ancient Greek mythical imaginarium from the perspective of those divinities who do not fit the Olympian paradigm of godhood, whom we collectively call nethergods (‘beyond or below Olympian gods’). Nethergods are not simply ‘chthonic’, although these categories often overlap: we define ‘nethergods’ in a broad sense, to include all non-Olympian descendants of Gaia, Tartaros, Chaos, Pontos and other Titanic powers.

Conference speakers will investigate in detail the nature and role of nethergods: their powers and relationships with other deities. One commonly discussed theme will be how nethergods express their dissatisfaction with the Olympian politics of Zeus and defend their rights and privileges; another research question is whether they can successfully oppose Olympian deities. Contributions will engage with some aspect of these topics in relation to archaic and classical Greek literature or material culture.

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