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Dr. Aaron Tugendhaft

Focus Area: Constructions of Norms
Postdoctoral Fellow: März 2013 - August 2014


The Relationship Between Poetry and Politics at the Ancient City of Ugarit

Aaron Tugendhaft was a postdoctoral fellow in Distant Worlds from March 2013 until August 2014. As leader of the research group "Constructions of Norms," he led seminars on a range of modern authors (from Marx and Weber to Fustel de Coulanges and Mircea Eliade) in order to raise theoretical and methodological questions for the study of ancient societies. As an affiliated faculty member in the Institute for Assyriology and Hittitology, he also offered courses on Ugaritic language and Late Bronze Age history. While at LMU, Aaron Tugendhaft pursued research for his forthcoming book on the relationship between poetry and politics at the ancient city of Ugarit. He is now Assistant Collegiate Professor of Humanities and Harper Fellow in the Society of Fellows in the Liberal Arts at the University of Chicago.