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Beatrice Baragli M.A.

Doctoral Fellow: April 2015 - März 2018
Focus Area: Constructions of Norms



The KI-dUTU Prayers of the bīt rimki Ritual. A study of the royal bilingual prayers addressed to the Sun God Šamaš

The main aim of this project is the philological analysis of central part of the KI-dUTU prayers addressed to the Sun God Šamaš, in which the king entreats the god to (re)establish order and justice on earth. This group of prayers is also attested in the neo-Assyrian bīt rimki ritual.
Study of these texts simultaneously begs the comparison of the KI-dUTU prayers with others addressed to the Sun God. Therefore, analysis of the features particular to the KI-dUTU texts is another goal of this project. Furthermore, the development of the KI-dUTU prayers will be traced by examining the relationship between these prayers and those of earlier periods. In this manner the origins and development of the KI-dUTU corpus will be illuminated.
Moreover, this study aims to shed light on some normative aspects of Assyrian kingship, especially in regard to the following questions: In which ways was Assyrian society ritually reinforced and (re)established? What makes the KI-dUTU prayers suitable for keeping order and maintaining the norm of power?